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Private Care Work FAQs

To apply for a position, please send your resume to or call 800.698.2628.




Q: Why should I consider a career in private home care?
A: Those who work in private home can enjoy the satisfaction of one-to-one care in the patient’s natural environment, excellent benefits and competitive salaries. The home health care industry is generally very supportive of continuing education and professional advancement.

Q: What kinds of jobs are available?
A: Many types of positions are available at Partners home care services. Some positions work directly with patients on a daily basis. Others work behind the scenes and have less direct contact with patients but are instrumental to our success.

Q: What type of education is required?
A: The educational requirements vary depending on the career you choose. Some careers require a bachelor’s degree, whereas others require an associate’s degree. Still others require certification or completion of a series of classes that is aligned with a national standard. Most careers in health care offer career ladders, or opportunities for advancement. For certain positions, acquiring a master’s degree or a doctorate is recommended or required in order to advance.

Q: Is a license required?
A: Most positions in health care that involve direct patient care require a license or certification. This license or certification is usually obtained after passing a state or national test. Some positions that are behind the scenes also require a license or certification. However, this is not true for all positions.