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25th Annual Partners HealthCare at Home Tee-Off Golf Tournament Raises over $665,000

June 21, 2018 - Despite the rain, over 200 golfers came out for the annual Partners HealthCare at Home’s Tee-Off Golf Tournament on Wednesday, June 13 at the Pinehills Golf Club in Plymouth, MA. This year’s tournament was the most successful tournament to date, raising over $665,000 in support of Partners HealthCare at Home’s programs and services, making this tournament one of the most successful golf tournaments in the country.

Bank of America once again joined us as the title sponsor for the event along with many other key sponsors, including Elliott, Centerbridge, Century Bank and Willis Towers Watson. (Visit our website at for a complete list of sponsors.)

Thanks to one of our sponsors as part of a contest for employees, physical therapist Connie Ventura, Revolution Team was selected to play at the tournament.

The events of the day concluded with a post-golf dinner featuring Meredith Koch. Three years ago Meredith was helping her friends move a piano when it fell landing on her back and leaving Meredith paralyzed. Meredith has overcome great odds to return to sports, a passion of Meredith’s. This past year, Meredith suffered a setback and was hospitalized. It was thanks to PHH and care provided by Ray Eldridge, RN, Blue Hills team that Meredith was able to be discharged early from the hospital avoiding possible additional infection and in continue the care she needed in the comfort of her home.
Meredith Koch stated, "Thank you for helping patients like me find our strength after an injury, illness, or complicated surgery. Because trust me, hospitals are not where the true healing happens - your bed, home-cooked food, quiet, and loved ones make the real difference!"
A great thank you to all the PHH employees who came out to volunteer at the tournament.
For more information about the Annual Tee Off, visit