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U.S. Business Leadership Network Honors
PCC Senior VP Oz Mondejar for Disability Inclusion Work

Waltham (Oct. 8, 2015) - The US Business Leadership Network® (USBLN®) recently presented Senior VP Oz Mondejar with the D. Kemp Leadership Award, for his outstanding commitment to and work in the disability inclusion community.

The John D. Kemp Leadership Award is presented to an individual who has developed or influenced the development of significant company disability employment programs and services that result in measurable, tangible and positive outcomes; dramatically improving disability employment opportunities.

"For me to receive the John D. Kemp Leadership Award is one of the most meaningful recognitions I could ever ask for," said Mondejar. "The USBLN is the bridge between business and an untapped talent pool. My focus throughout my career has been to work with others in both the public and private sectors to break down those real and perceived barriers to see that hiring persons with disabilities is more than simply a good thing to do; it truly is good business. I'm so proud to accept this from an organization that understands that."