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Congratulations to PHH's Betsy Moore, 2018 Winner of the John V. Woodard Unsung Hero Leadership Award

October 30, 2018 - Betsy Moore, PHH Timekeeping Supervisor, is the 2018 recipient of the John V. Woodard Award given annually to a Partners Continuing Care manager who demonstrates leadership, reliability, commitment and humility. As one of 11 nominees from PHH and SRN, Betsy was nominated by her manager, Gary Garberg, PHH Vice President of Business Operations.
"Betsy is someone who - in addition to providing great leadership in her area - consistently offers up her own and her team's time when others need assistance. She always does so in a way that is completely behind the scenes, never going out of her way to draw any attention to what she is doing to help out others...
As her title suggests, Betsy oversees the weekly payroll function for Partners HealthCare at Home. While the Partners HealthCare payroll department and the Partners HealthCare at Home HR group have responsibility for setting overall payroll policy, Betsy is widely recognized as the go-to expert within PHH for how those policies are applied each week...
Betsy natural style and approach to her work is to be extremely self-effacing, never calling out attention to herself and working behind the scenes. In addition to this, something recently occurred that, while not specifically addressing humility, does indirectly speak to this attribute."
Congratulations, Betsy!
The John V. Woodard Unsung Hero Leadership Award was established in honor of John V. Woodard, past Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Partners Continuing Care (PCC) and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. PCC will forever be grateful to Mr. Woodard for his steadfast support and encouragement. Mr. Woodard has been committed to "system-think" and demonstrated leadership, reliability, commitment and humility in self-effacing manner. He has been a quiet force pushing us all to do our best. He is respected and admired by those who have had the privilege to work with him.