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Patient: Genevieve

  • Patient Age: 22 months
  • Type of Care: Home Care
  • Reason For Care: Biliary Atresia
  • Care Giver: Carmen

A Moment at Home

A Moment at Home with Genevieve – Suffering from a chronic liver disease, which led to a liver transplant, Genevieve and her parents were forced to take many trips to the emergency room  which were not only disruptive, but had them explaining her story again and again to the doctors on call. But with home visits from Carmen, her PHH nurse who is knowledgeable about her condition, Genevieve and her family's  quality of life has greatly improved. Knowing they have Carmen when needed, they can avoid repeated hospital visits and give Genevieve a more stable lifestyle.

  • Genevieve
  • Genevieve and Carmen
  • Genevieve, her mother and Carmen
  • Genevieve, her mother and Carmen
  • Genevieve and her family